Parga is an idyllic resort between the coastal area of Igoumenitsa - Preveza, and uniquely combines the mountains with the sea. One of the most picturesque and cosmopolitan places of northwestern Greece, with a long history, various natural beauties and the famous hospitality of its residents. It is 65 km away from the Aktion airport of Preveza, and during the summer months, it is connected by boat with the surrounding islands (Paxos - Antipaxos - Corfu). The stone-paved alleys, the abloom neighbourhoods and the traditional taverns give their own colour to the idyllic landscape of Parga. Visitors have the chance to choose between the organised beaches and other smaller ones, which generously offer the sense of tranquillity and the natural beauty of the sea. There many paths in Parga which give a chance for sightseeing and exploration of its idyllic landscape. Nowadays, Parga has developed as a tourist destination, and is now one of the most organised destinations. The sightseeing and monuments of Parga are many and remarkable:

  • On the northern side of the port, there is the castle of Parga, which was built in the 14th century with the aid of Normans. After consecutive destructions by pirate Barbarossa and the Turks, it was finally formed by the Venetians. In this castle, free besieged citizens of Parga and Souli fought in heroic battles against the army of Ali Pasha. Today, the castle is visited by many people. Farther north, there is the castle of Ali Pasha which is built on a high hill where the view is breathtaking.
  • The island of Panagia is also impressive, opposite the port of Parga, with the church and the picturesque bell tower, as well as the small castle of French construction, on the highest point of the island.
  • The Vlacherna Monastery, a Byzantine monastery built before the 12th century, in the beautiful area of Valtos, on a hill. The icon of Panagia Vlacherna is said to have come from Cappadocia (the year 986 is written on the icon) and is kept in the church museum of Parga.

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